Hello! I'm Wenyu Wang..

Currently a third-year Ph.D. student at Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Also a member of Automated Software Engineering Lab, fortunately co-advised by Prof. Tao Xie and Prof. Tianyin Xu, with current research focus on Intelligent Software Engineering for Mobile Computing. More details are available at my LinkedIn Profile.

I always appreciate the simple yet elegant solutions to real-world challenges.

news + events

December 2019
I will intern at Google (again) next summer :-)

May 2019
Our paper investigating privacy policy contradictions on Google Play is accepted by USENIX Security 2019.

February 2019
I will intern at Google this summer.

October 2018
Our proposal received Facebook Testing and Verification Award, for which I proposed major ideas.

August 2018
I am selected for 3M Foundation Fellowship from 2018 to 2021. Thank you, 3M!

August 2018
I will serve as the Web Chair for ASE 2019.

July 2018
Our experience paper investigating Android test generation tools on industrial apps is accepted by ASE 2018 (69 out of 346, 19.9%). PDF available here. I'm also awarded a SIGSOFT CAPS travel grant.

July 2018
Our paper on machine translation issue detection is now available on arXiv. A poster version will appear at ICSE 2019.

July 2018
Our paper studying Android runtime permission rationale messages is accepted by VL/HCC 2018. PDF available here.

April 2018
I win the 1st Prize of the provincial undergraduate thesis contest (top <0.25% out of all college graduates with bachelor's degrees).

January 2018
I will work at Fujitsu Laboratories of America as a research intern this summer.

December 2017
Our paper on Android GUI test suite reduction is accepted by ICSE 2018 (105 out of 502, 20.9%). PDF available here.

October 2017
I will attend ASE 2017 as a student volunteer.

July 2017
Our paper studying Android capture/replay tools is accepted by ESEC/FSE 2017 industrial track. PDF available here.

June 2017
I receive my Bachelor of Engineering degree with honors.

April 2017
I will work at Tencent Inc. this summer as a research intern.

March 2017
I will attend [email protected] as a new Ph.D. student starting from August.

June 2016
As an undergraduate intern, I will visit Prof. Koushik Sen's group at UC Berkeley this fall.

connect with me

I have two public email addresses,

[email protected] (for personal affairs), and
[email protected] (for professional topics).

My PGP public key is available here.

I enjoy meeting new friends (for thoughts, gossips, foods, or whatever..)